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Greendesert is a revolutionary invention.
A zero-emission, intelligent, grid-structured system with separately connected smart units that make sweet water out of sea- and ocean water.

The system is a 100% Hungarian invention, developed by Egri Werk, Business Rally Hungary Kft. and Artbasic.

Key stakeholders:

István Egri

Hard-worker innovator, owner of Egri Werk and Artbasic. István has huge experience with machinery, planning and construction of innovate things to make this world a better place.

István Egri

Endre Kodolányi

Business man, volunteer, inventor. Endre works on things, be it big or small, that make the world a better place. He loves different cultures, knows many places in the world and keeps his eye open on where and how he could help and make good impact.

Endre Kodolányi

Szilárd Egri

Engineer, passionate hardware and software developer. Szilárd is a young and talented person, who is excited to participate in world-changing projects.

Szilárd Egri

Our vision

“Things do not change, we change”

Henry David Thoreau
Green Desert

We believe, if we focus our energy and creativity on good things, nothing is impossible.

Global warming became a part of our life. More and more people need to share less and less resources. Rivers are getting dry, deserts are getting bigger. People already suffering from food and water shortage. This is not the future anymore; this is happening now.

The Earth can provide us everything we need, if we are smart enough and respect Mother Nature. We just need to find a proper way of living, using the resources we have in a smart way.

Just imagine how much sunshine and saltwater we have. However, we use almost nothing from those almost unlimited resources.

Our team has been formed to make sweet water, of which we have less and less available, out of these free and unlimited resources, because people’s lives are depending on the existence or non-existence of fresh drinking water.

These areas in need are getting bigger and bigger. Water shortage became a daily fact in some countries, people must accept it and try to live with that.

Rich countries, on the contrary, can manage to produce enough sweet water with expensive and sometimes polluting technologies.

We created a technology, that is cheap and carbon neutral.

With our technology, we can reach all nations and areas where there is a need for fresh water, and where there are sunshine and saltwater – on an affordable price.

Moreover, part of our profit goes to our future foundation, to set up water stations where we can save lives and bring improvement in the future.